Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The simple things...

As I have said earlier, I love road, track and cyclocross cycling nearly as much as I love running. There are things that I actually prefer about cycling: the racing tactics, the team work, the beautiful photography. But what draws me running over cycling is the simplicity.

Running is me and my running shoes against the clock and the world. I could go out at lunchtime and, if it suited my running style, I could buy the same shoe that Paula Radcliffe or Heille Gebreselassie use. So could most runners - running shoes aren't expensive.

What I can't do is go and buy Lance Armstrong, Chris Hoy or Sven Nys' bike, not and be able to eat for months (if not years) to come or have a roof over my head tonight.

This disparity was brought home to me last night when I was doing a bit of maintenance on my 'cross bike. The brake pads were worn out all round, the rear brake and gear cables were fraying and the bar tape torn from (careless) propping of the bike at Kennacraig ferry terminal. Why I'm writing this is because the rear derailleur decided that it was being held together by the tension of the gear cable in it, and as I removed the cable to replace it several tens of pounds-sterling worth of kit disintegrated. Time to go single speed I feel.

In contrast, when was the last time my running shoes failed? Never. Obviously I've had to replace them as the cushioning or sole has worn out, but they've never just fallen to pieces.

Just a thought.

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