Monday, 21 January 2013

Bamboo Cross: The genesis

You may remember last January I was lucky enough to be lent a bike constructed from bamboo to use during the Tod 'Cross race. You may also remember I was rather taken with the performance of said bike.

Shortly afterwards, I was contacted by Rachel from Bamboo Bikes UK asking if I would like to help her in the development of a new model: a bamboo cyclocross bike. What self-confessed bike geek wouldn't want to jump at a chance like that? Naturally, I said yes.

What followed was a succession of e-mail conversations as we talked about geometries and build kits. Spending hours over spreadsheets spending play money to a price point was both an interesting game to play and eye-openingly difficult. Finally, at the end of November, I got to see the fruits of the discussions as the first shot of a complete Bamboo CX bike, hand built in Scarborough, was forwarded to me.

Fast forward to last Friday night, and the Look Mum No Hands! cycling cafe in London. Bamboo Bikes launched their 2013 range, and one of the three new models was the cyclocross bike. Exciting times - and I can now share some photos of the machine.

I've not yet ridden the resulting bike, but I can't wait to get the chance. And I'll let you know just how it is.

Bikes available to view at Look Mum No Hands! until Sunday 28th January 2013, and to test at Blue Door Bicycles in Crystal Palace or at Dalby Trail Centre, Yorkshire.

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