Thursday, 30 July 2009

May contain nuts

Warning - do not read the following at the dining table!

In May I ran the Edinburgh Marathon, my first run to that distance.

If you've never run a race that long before, I can tell you that one of the keys to finishing is staying hydrated and fueled on the move, and that's something that takes practice. It's not just getting the food and water inside you that's difficult - I found that keeping it there was just as hard. It seems that my internal system is just not designed for getting the most out of the highly researched gels and drinks that are created for endurance athletes. But getting liquid and energy on board is vital to any distance runner.

After significant field testing and difficult research (for that read lurking on the Fell Runner's Association forums) I hit upon the combination of hydration by nuun tablets in water and fuel by the nut, sugar and cereal combo that is the Tracker bar. Most of us can grab a box of Trackers in our local supermarkets for less than the cost of a single gel - the only problem here is the ethics of buying from Mars and that's not too bad.

The nuun tablets may be a bit newer to many of you. They dissolve in a litre of water and provide an isotonic mix of salts to keep you hydrated / rehydrate you while active. There's no carbohydrate to contend with, which for me meant everything stayed where I asked it to. There are a whole raft of flavours, but to be honest they don't taste anything like they claim to - the most palatable are the lemon & lime and orange & ginger flavours.

Your mileage may vary - but I'm happy with 26.2 on this mix.

nuun | Tracker

Photos supplied by Lola @ nuun

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